Your Town´s Television Channel

About Us

Since January 2007 the world has had its first local tv network transmitting local TV programing for many towns in Brazil. When I say local I mean it. LOKAL TV is the only TV network focused on producing a television programming for your town. Every town in the world now can have your own local television programming. In the near future, local business owners will have an excellent opportunity to advertise their products and services, targeting the town of their interest around the world.

Santa Cruz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil became the first town in the world to have LOKAL TV NETWORK´s programming. Now, towns like Duque de Caxias, Andaraí, Estácio, Grajaú, Guadalupe, Maracanã, Tijuca, Vila Isabel, Santa Cruz, Campo Grande, Sepetiba, Pedra de Guaratiba, Barra de Guaratiba, Paciência, Cosmos, Palmares, Inhoaiba and Jesuítas, all in Rio de Janeiro, and Goiania in the state of Goiás, Brazil totaling about 3 million people local population are already watching their exclusive local television programing thru LOKAL TV NETWORK. In these towns across Brazil, businesses owners and local entrepreneurs are already advertising their services and products with TV ads on LOKAL TV NETWORK´s programming.

The Founder

LOKAL TV NETWORK was founded by a Brazilian who worked in the Hollywood film industry for 12 years, graduated on TV and Film Production at UCLA - University of California in Los Angeles, United States.

With the experience he got working with people like Tim Burton (Director of Batman - Returns), Johnny Depp and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alex guarantees a quality local TV programming and professional advertising for those interested in promoting their products and services on local or network internet television programming.

The Programming

Giving priority for issues important for the local residential and commercial communities in town, LOKAL TV NETWORK produces on the everyday basis Local News, TV programs on Health, education, sports, entertainment and variety. All produced with professional equipment and people to meet our quality standards.


The audience grows every day since the first day of transmition. Last month we hit an average of 16,000 unique visits per day, including clicks from around the globe. This average audience generated approximately 178,000 hits per day to different links in our website.

Our Marketing

To reach new audience daily, LOKAL TV NETWORK invests thousands of dollars a month purchasing GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK´S ADWORDS. Thousands of key words are sponsored to easily locate our website.

Network Growth

The success for the continued growth of LOKAL TV NETWORK around Brazil, is an unique way of doing business. Mega partnerships are signed with the major Communication University around Brasil, possibilitating Journalism, TV & Film production students to engage in the everyday environment of news gathering, initially in a collaborative participation and later on becoming himself a LOKAL TV NETWORK´s partner representing his town in the business itself. Considering the fact that the Journalism student does not have to invest any money in the partnership; it´s an excellent business opportunity for youths around the globe. Especially because now LOKAL TV NETWORK is already worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; and will be worth some million of dollars in a few years.

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